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The Rules

(The basics - for all the dirt, see the by-laws on the membership page)

No one is ever left behind.  If someone breaks on the trail, we will either get you fixed, or someone will stay with you until help arrives.  
Stay within sight of the vehicle in front of, and behind you at all times, whenever possible.  Try not to follow too closely.  
Have some form of communications with you.  Common radios are VHF/UHF, GMRS handheld or car mounted radios, cell phones, etc.  Many of us use FRS, GMRS, MURS and commercial UHF channels.
Ask for a spotter if you are unsure about an obstacle.  Most of us have to drive our Jeeps daily so we cannot afford to destroy them.
First aid kit, fire extinguisher.
Tools, tow strap(s), gloves, flashlight, recovery equipment. 
Winch preferred but not required.  We all have winches and can bail you out if required. 
Heavy blanket for winch lines.  (Also works well to lay on for trail repairs right Larry?)
Pack some grub appropriately for the length of the trip.  Then pack a bit more just in case.
Any driver observed operating his/her vehicle while obviously impaired for whatever reason will be asked to park and wait until they are capable of driving without endangering themselves or others.  
Maps, nav or a damn good idea about where you are.  Most nav systems are not much use off road.  Our members use Leadnav, Lowrance, Magellan TRX, etc.

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